The mission of Bosphorus Pharmaceutical Warehouse is to maintain its leading position in the sector by analyzing the dynamics of its sector in the best way, to maintain its identity as a reliable institution that is between pharmacies and drug suppliers in terms of access to drugs, to provide quality service, to maximize the needs, demands and expectations of its customers. , with the latest technology opportunities, in line with the principles of "Good Distribution Method", under the most suitable commercial conditions.


The vision of Bosphorus Pharmaceutical Warehouse is as an organization operating in a sector where human health is essential; To serve its domestic and foreign customers at national and international standards in line with the requirements of the age, to diversify and improve the service quality, and to do more than its part for human health by evaluating all the dynamics of a human health-oriented sector.


To meet the needs and expectations of our customers; adhering to the requirements of the quality management system, continuously improving the quality management system, and never compromising on service quality under any circumstances are the quality policy of our organization.


It is an indisputable fact that the competition in our industry is increasing day by day. Both new and well-established companies are trying to get a bigger share from the market. This allows the quality of the sector to increase and conditions to turn more and more in the public interest. On the other hand, increasing competition can create pressures on companies. Among the falling profit margins and collection problems, companies with a strong financial structure and a stronger working network continue on their way with a stronger management style and can inspire confidence in the sector. Our most important priority is to make the greatest contribution to public health, and to maintain the distribution of medicines, which we regard as a public duty, at the highest standards without compromising our quality. In addition, the satisfaction of our pharmacists, our most important stakeholders, and the cooperation with our suppliers, are the issues that we consider indispensable for the growth and development of the pharmaceutical industry in our country, which we think has a great potential. We continue to work with all our strength to ensure that the pharmaceutical industry continues to contribute to our country's economy.

Chairman of the Board

Abdurrahman YÜKSEL